A better life it’s a lifestyle that’s all about being in tune with your LIFE, PERSONALITY and HEALTH, responding to its needs and helping to prevent future problems.

Not everyone in your life understands you or the journey you are on. Sometimes you may wonder why you are not getting exactly what you want, when you want, and this could be exactly what you need.

Or, you are suffering:

  1. Combat disease where regular medicine does not achieve recovery;
  2. Face behavior problems, emotional problems and ADHD (in adults and children);
  3. Develop personality : develop strengths and alleviate weaknesses;
  4. Psychological health : restore mind, body and soul,  reduce stress and induce relaxation.

Martin Mailaender uses homeopathy as a tool to work with your body and provide temporary relief from symptoms of many everyday health problems: arthritis pain, stress, allergies, colds and sleeping problems, as well as baby and childhood problems like teething pain, colic and mild fevers.

As homeopathy is about harmonising your past experience with your personality, your environment also affects your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

He has always thought about health in this holistic way:

Every pain, suffering, ailment and problem can be traced to an elemental imbalance.——Every force provokes an equal counter-force. All forces can be symbolized by elements: fire(expansion), water(cohesion), air(moderating), and earth(stabilizing). ——If they get blocked by negative energy,  physical, mental and emotional ailments may develop.

Martin believes that good health is about being in tune with your body and using its own wisdom to feel your vital best every day. The most important benefit is that through help you to realign your body by honoring the physical connection to the Earth, he can guide you towards ‘life force’ energy for balance, harmony and happiness.

Clarify Your Emotions - Understand Yourself Deeply
  • Ease anxiety and build emotional stability;
  • Relief from depression.
Alleviate Stress By Releasing Angry And Painful Feelings
  • Restore clarity and inner peace;
  • Induce a sense of happiness and boots creativity.
Solve Problems In Calm And Strategic Ways
  • Boost confidence and self-worth;
  • Increase awareness and openness;
  • Sharpen focus and evoke passion.

By looking into emotional resolutions to past problems, the more you know, the more fulfilling your life will become.
You’ll make deeper connections, discover new interest, and equip yourself to reach your goals.



  1. Eases tension-induced pain;
  2. Increase energy levels to augment the immune system;
  3. More fluid physical movement.

The Secret of Business Success
Success in today's competitive environment comes down to good personality, so a business has to be psychologically healthy to succeed.
The business needs to:
  • be free of internal conflict;
  • communicate optimally;
  • be equipped with an energising sense of purpose;
  • be led by a management team with an acute grasp of themselves, their own motivations and the deeper functioning of their employees.

None of this is easy. That's why homeopathic approach comes in.
Martin's personality intelligence analysis is effective in transforming the efficiency and harmony of leaders and teams and therefore the success and well-being of the organisation.