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Most of diseases are rooted in imbalances traceable to a personality imbalance. It can be allergies, asthmatic or autoimmune-problems, skin-problems or digestive issues, etc.


Our Process



We believe most of diseases are rooted in imbalances traceable to a personality imbalance: it can be pressures of working life, parenthood, mid-life crises, difficulties in a relationship, retirement and other issues. That's why most of chronical ailmentsacute conditions such as an upset stomachchildhood illnessesinjuries from an accidentviral illnessescoughs and colds, and etc, —— can be referred to the individual personal constitution as well, and have to be treated from the perspective of a bigger frame.



Any physical disease, emotional pain, and inconvenient thoughts, are an expression of disharmonious life elements. Your daily life consists of your thoughts, emotions and actions. If you are happy and live a harmonious life, what ever you do, expresses elemental energy evenly in our life.

Every pain, suffering, ailment and problem can be traced to an elemental imbalance. ———— If they get blocked by negative energy,  physical, mental and emotional ailments may develop.



The technics we apply are an intelligent approach of combined traditional German Homeopathy and ancient Egyptian philosophy, people actually can get out of pain, disease, and various possible inconveniences.

Martin Mailaender has been using Homeopathy as an unique way to help people get emotional and physical relief for more than 25 years; he combined with a proper analysis of the complete personality structure and help people in cases.



You can trust our traditional homeopathic remedies because they are:

Suitable for both adults and children; Easy and convenient to use; Not known to interact with most other medicines; Non habit-forming; Unlikely to cause side effects such as drowsiness.

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Clarify Your Emotions - Understand Yourself Deeply
  • Ease anxiety and build emotional stability;
  • Relief from depression.
Alleviate Stress By Releasing Angry And Painful Feelings
  • Restore clarity and inner peace;
  • Induce a sense of happiness and boots creativity.
Solve Problems In Calm And Strategic Ways
  • Boost confidence and self-worth;
  • Increase awareness and openness;
  • Sharpen focus and evoke passion.

By looking into emotional resolutions to past problems, the more you know, the more fulfilling your life will become.
You’ll make deeper connections, discover new interest, and equip yourself to reach your goals.


  1. Eases tension-induced pain;
  2. Increase energy levels to augment the immune system;
  3. More fluid physical movement.

  • None of this is easy. That's why homeopathic approach comes in. 


After more than 25 years of practice, Martin has gained a lot of experience, especially in complicated cases, to give new hope and develop methods to restore well-being. His therapeutic focus is the homeopathic enhancement of life quality by enabling the inner healing power of the body and mind leading to a natural recovery and long-standing prevention of re-occurrence. In his treatment Martin aims at the root cause of any discomfort, and therefore, includes an analysis of your lifestyle, emotional state of mind and any physical issues.
Martin Mailaender

9/ F Unit 907, Silvercord Tower 2
30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong


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