"We believe that good health is about being in tune with your body and using its own wisdom to feel your vital best every day. We can help you realign your body by honoring the physical connection to the Earth, and guides you towards ‘life force’ energy for balance, harmony and happiness. "


Elements - The Dynamics of Your Life

Your daily life consists of your thoughts, emotions and actions. 
Every force provokes an equal counter-force:
All forces can be symbolized by elements:


Live life to the fullest

Every of those aspects behaves and effects in a way that can be described by one of four western elements -  fire, air, water and earth. If you are happy and live a harmonious life, what ever you do, expresses elemental energy evenly in those four elements. 
Contrary, any physical disease, emotional pain, and inconvenient thoughts, are an expression of disharmonious life elements. Combined with a proper analysis of the complete personality structure, enables us to help in cases, where other therapies fail.That's why and how Martin Mailaender has been working on this for more than 25 years.

We Can Balance Your | Life

Life is energy in motion. No matter in which aspect of your private or corporate life, you can use life forces in a constructive beneficial way, or create chaos and friction.
We show you how to use your life force in a proper way.

New Horizons | Personality

Our personality is the individual source of our pleasure and pain, our empowering or self limiting tool to live our life.It can create fantastic opportunities, or destroy every chance.
We show you how to use the elements of your personality to open your full potential.

Reach New Heights | Health

Our body, the most beautiful and perfect venue for our soul to live in has to be treated with respect and love. By unconscious transgressions we endanger its health and create disease. 
We show you how to balance the elements of your body and make it a strong and beautiful expression again.


Clarify Your Emotions - Understand Yourself Deeply
  • Ease anxiety and build emotional stability;
  • Relief from depression.
Alleviate Stress By Releasing Angry And Painful Feelings
  • Restore clarity and inner peace;
  • Induce a sense of happiness and boots creativity.
Solve Problems In Calm And Strategic Ways
  • Boost confidence and self-worth;
  • Increase awareness and openness;
  • Sharpen focus and evoke passion.


  1. Eases tension-induced pain;
  2. Increase energy levels to augment the immune system;
  3. More fluid physical movement.

The Secret of Business Success
Success in today's competitive environment comes down to good personality, so a business has to be psychologically healthy to succeed. 
Martin's personality intelligence analysis is effective in transforming the efficiency and harmony of leaders and teams and therefore the success and well-being of the organisation. The business / organization will benefit from:
  • be free of internal conflict; be equipped with an energising sense of purpose;
  • communicate optimally;
  • be led by a management team with an acute grasp of themselves, their own motivations and the deeper functioning of their employees.

None of this is easy. That's why homeopathic approach comes in. 
After more than 20 years of practice, Martin has gained a lot of experience, especially in enabling the inner healing power of the body and mind leading to a natural recovery and long-standing prevention of re-occurrence. In his treatment Martin aims at the root cause of any discomfort, and therefore, includes an analysis of your lifestyle, emotional state of mind and any physical issues.
By looking into emotional resolutions to past problems, the more you know, the more fulfilling your life will become. You’ll make deeper connections, discover new interest, and equip yourself to reach your goals.
Martin Mailaender

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30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong


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