Maybe most of time, you’re more likely to read something somewhere to search the answer, because you know how good the relationship can be/ should be and the fact that
if you're not happy, anything can become a problem.
If you're with the wrong person, you probably already know it and it's time to jump ship.  And if you're with someone who's right for you, but how to achieve a better relationship? 
And if that is the case, some professional-seeking is in order, because we truly believe relationships should bring joy — not constant confusion and indecision and worry and dithering.
That's what we can do.

Imagine if our love experience is a dinner...

Then, fall in love is appetizers——

and meals is ...    


Sometimes it can be hard to tell:

You definitely got involved with someone in my early 20s who turned out to be deeply wrong for you, but it took you six years to really figure that out.

You get involved, you fall in love, you throw caution to the wind, you scream "YOLO" in the face of a potentially incongruous match, you wind up spending a few too many months (or years) with someone who is not ultimately the right match.

That time, you were younger, it was easier for you to get involved with someone simply by virtue of his/ her jawline or cultural cache or general bad-boy nature.



Your priorities are different. These days, you’re healthier, which translates to valuing different things — namely, happiness and compatibility and mutual understanding and appreciation, ask a good relationship.


when you are with the wrong person, we knew. You didn’t know, but you always ask yourself that "what I wanted" and "cleared my head" and struggled and puzzled and questioned.

But if you're doing all of that all of the time, guess what?

You probably know it's wrong. You don't have to concretely know it's wrong — just feeling like you don't know is a pretty good sign it's not working.


WE can tell you exactly why your relationship is not working and provide you a solution & STRATEGY.

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