Graduated from the Academy for Homeopathy in Gauting, Germany's most prestigious institute for homeopathy, he has since gained more than 25 years of experience in therapy.


Martin not only is a licensed German Medicinal practitioner, or ‘Heilpraktiker’; also is a personal coach in business and private issues (appearance, social competence, relationship, and health).




- Licensed and certified as a traditional healer for the treatment of acute and chronic physical diseases as well as mental disorders by the German Government of Health. 

- Owner of a private practice for the treatment of chronic physical and mental disorders as well as counseling in Andechs, Germany. 

- Supervisor for medical doctors and psychotherapists in advanced anamnesis strategies and in the analysis of the human personality. 

- Organizer and instructor in more than 600 seminars in Germany about character-science and dynamic life-style concepts. 

- Founder, developer, and instructor of an innovative pedagogic system to educate children suffering from difficulties in learning and behavior. 

- Founder and head of the pedagogic school-project “Offene Ganztagsschule in Herzogenaurach” (comprehensive school Herzogenaurach) in Germany. 

- Development of an analytical pedagogic concept to classify individual competence profiles and to increase abilities of self-management (more than 105 students participated in the programme). 

Martin Mailaender
—— 在德國高汀最富盛名的“順勢療法學院”學習綜合內科和順勢治療醫學概論。Martin 作為持牌和認證的傳統治療師,曾為德國政府的醫療統籌處提供急性和慢性身體疾病以及精神疾病治療。
—— 在德國安德克斯,Martin 擁有其私人診所 —— 針對治療慢性疾病和精神障礙疾病,和個人諮詢輔導。 不但為醫生和心理治療專家提供策略,根據其病人的病歷,分析其性格及個人病情發展。同時也作為私人導師,為客戶解決商業和生活問題 (改善如外觀,社會能力,關係,健康等問題)。
—— 作為組織者和指導者,在德國舉辦600多場講座和研討會,主題為關於性格的科學和動態的生活方式概念。
—— 有學習困難和行為障礙的兒童的教育系統創始人、開發者和講師,從而把系統引入德國一綜合學校Herzogenaurach 建立其教學項目 “Herzogenaurach的Offene Ganztagsschule” 。成效:參與的105多名學生在品德和智力發展,及個人自我管理取得顯著成效。
Martin 經常為香港國際學校提供服務,為各類有特殊學習需要的學生提供個別輔導和小組訓練 (例如讀寫障礙、社交訓練、領袖及資優訓練);並就學生的個人發展和學習需要,為學校、老師及家長提供專業諮詢服務。在香港,現致力推廣教育項目,以促進孩子在各方面的健康成長,並為有讀寫障礙及各類有特殊學習需要的幼兒,孩子和成人提供支援服務。


Martin always considers the whole person, and emphasizes prevention rather than the cure of symptoms. His approach is a holistic one, and is able to effectively resolve many conditions which are considered to be obstinate and incurable in other systems.

Simultaneously, it lays a great deal of emphasis upon the maintenance of positive health of an individual, taking into consideration the full scope of human nature and spiritual well-being.

Ancient Medical Wisdom

Martin developed a unique therapy that combines the wisdom of ancient Egyptian personality studies with health science, modern medicine and traditional homeopathy. ——

If doctors have a complete knowledge of disease and medicine but could not reach the inner Self or soul of the patient, they would not be effective healers.

Furthermore, if the practitioner were more concerned with fame and fortune, and not with spiritual development (Self-Realization), they would not be effective healers.

That's what makes us can really help people to solve their problems.



To understand the spiritual nature of human being, one must know something about the roots of philosophy, spirituality, and universal religion.

According to the ancient Egypt philosophy, there is a goal to life. We are not simply born, to live, and then to die without some meaning or purpose. It reflected this idea when he said God does not play dice with the universe. Order and reason exist in life.

The goal of life is to realize our inner Divine nature.

The more a person realizes their Divine nature the healthier they are. Thus it is the responsibility of us to inspire or help awaken the people to their own inner Divine nature.

Everything I do is a matter of

heart, body and soul

I invest in people and help them reach beyond their current limitations
What makes our life
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"He brought back quality to my life.

Mr. Mailaender was recommended to me when I had been struggling with intense chronic pain and progressive weight loss for quite some time, and all kinds of therapeutic approaches kept failing. I was deeply impressed by his amazing abilities and his clear-sightedness. Highly talented and skilled as he is, within little more than one hour of exploration, he grasped the complex picture of my condition, while at the same time counselling me to help me start working on my issues myself right away; he spotted the matching remedy which got the pain down to zero, reversed the weight loss, ... and brought back quality to my life. I´m deeply grateful to have Mr. Mailaender´s support in one of the most challenging phases of my life."

— Anna S., Germany

"Just what I needed.

I went to see Martin when my grief lasted longer than expected. I felt like I wasn't able to move on with my life and I was stuck in bouts of anxiety. I felt that seeking professional help would be the first step to making a change that I so wanted in my life. Martin was the perfect therapist for this job. He was very professional and told me what I needed to hear. Not only was the patient/doctor session great but Martin is someone who I can call a life mentor. I value his opinions and trust that he is someone I can go to for honest life advice. The homeopathic remedy he gave me worked miraculously. My grief slowly dissipated. I no longer felt stuck and was ready to move on with my life. Thank you Martin!"


— Patient from Hong Kong

"My cough was gone within hours.

The last 3 weeks I have been suffering from a chronic cough, which could not be cured by antibiotics nor by other therapies that I tried. Martin asked me some questions about my workload in my company and my feelings, which I first found not related to my cough, but prescribed a medicine later, that cured my cough nearly within a few hours. I am very happy to have had his help available and can heartily recommend his treatments."

— T. Cheung, Hong Kong