This is not a theoretical JOURNEY

it’s packed with practical tips and techniques you can apply to your own challenges right away.

Whether you’re just setting out, in the middle of your journey,
or dealing with the unexpected challenges of success,
WE will show you how to keep moving forward.

ABout this journey

Bringing our dark, secret, egoic beliefs out of unconsciousness and into full awareness to meet the light of our life is our mission.

"To bring" means "to see from the perspective of" or "see in the light of." We have brought truth to illusions—seen truth from the perspective of illusions. Now we must reverse that.

What we do

Our job is not to bring the light, which would imply that we are separate from the light and it is up to us to make or earn it.

We have hidden the ego's darkness behind, as dark doors in our minds, guarded by sentinels of darkness. Since darkness vanishes automatically in light, it is not our darkness that keeps us from truth, but the act of hiding it behind the dark doors. Once we have brought it to light we can fulfill our function of bringing light to the darkness of the world.












Educating Our Children


Miracle Babies

Fertility Problems & Loss

Special Children



Health Problems / Concerns 

Pick Trainer

Choose Program

Set Goals

Everything you need, in one place.

It is amazing that in any moment, we have the power to make a choice. If you want happiness, you can stop choosing unhappiness. If you want love, you can realize that it is already the essence of who you are. Be inspired, and blast through the limits of what you think is possible.

What Do You Choose?

“How to do this?” you might be asking. Here’s how. Orient your life in the direction of your deepest desire. Honor each sacred moment by intentionally making a choice. Find these qualities in yourself, and make the space for them to flourish.



The best place to work, period.

These ideas of light and darkness form the foundation of a grand knowledge designed specifically to teach us a way to unleash the unlimited potential of the human spirit and mind, and plug that potential into the physical personality systems here in time and space of the human body. And this is where it really all begins. There are, for instance, many meditation techniques which utilize visualizing light, and these have their roots in Hindu technique. Many of the Christian Science techniques derived out of the Bible and used the idea of visualization of the Great Light. There are other meditation techniques that use the ideas of darkness and evil, and these techniques have their roots coming out of the Renaissance in the different forms of witchcraft and black magic. With this new wisdom of the relationship of light and darkness, we’re led to a new method which incorporates the idea that the darkness itself is dense light, and the light is light, and the interplay between these two bring about the greater good. It is critical that every time we say, ‘Spiritual Darkness’, we categorize it as Divine Darkness. The dense darkness - the dense light of God, is the gift from God - the hidden treasure in the darkness and concealment places.



Our Process


Something of our own doing

But the question still remains; Can you lose your salvation? We can veer off our every day path toward our spiritual destination, and when this occurs, we can loose sight of our  salvation. But once we complete the necessary salvation steps and find the way to our salvation, it is not something to be lost, for one does not achieve it and enter into the Kingdom of God and then lose that privilege. The task at hand is to find our own salvation, and that is where all of our energy should be directed and not into the worry of  losing it once we have already arrived at that destination.

This is a personal experience that varies for each of us, and in this sense, our salvation, or even our need for salvation becomes something of our own doing. We each must discover the needs of our own spirit and then we must be completely honest with ourselves in determining the things we must do to achieve our path to salvation, and then commit ourselves to that journey.

If it is possible to lose our salvation, then it is possible to reclaim it. The important thing is not to get caught up in the fear and worry of the process and lose sight of the common goal - to achieve a place in the Kingdom of God. Salvation is a personal journey and it is one that we control the direction of, or the need for. In this sense we never lose our salvation completely, we just lose sight of it from time to time.



Any physical disease, emotional pain, and inconvenient thoughts, are an expression of disharmonious life elements. Your daily life consists of your thoughts, emotions and actions. If you are happy and live a harmonious life, what ever you do, expresses elemental energy evenly in our life.

Every pain, suffering, ailment and problem can be traced to an elemental imbalance. ———— If they get blocked by negative energy,  physical, mental and emotional ailments may develop.



The technics we apply are an intelligent approach of combined traditional German Homeopathy and ancient Egyptian philosophy, people actually can get out of pain, disease, and various possible inconveniences.

Martin Mailaender has been using Homeopathy as an unique way to help people get emotional and physical relief for more than 25 years; he combined with a proper analysis of the complete personality structure and help people in cases.



You can trust our traditional homeopathic remedies because they are:

Suitable for both adults and children; Easy and convenient to use; Not known to interact with most other medicines; Non habit-forming; Unlikely to cause side effects such as drowsiness.

Check More Here... 

Clarify Your Emotions - Understand Yourself Deeply
  • Ease anxiety and build emotional stability;
  • Relief from depression.
Alleviate Stress By Releasing Angry And Painful Feelings
  • Restore clarity and inner peace;
  • Induce a sense of happiness and boots creativity.
Solve Problems In Calm And Strategic Ways
  • Boost confidence and self-worth;
  • Increase awareness and openness;
  • Sharpen focus and evoke passion.

By looking into emotional resolutions to past problems, the more you know, the more fulfilling your life will become.
You’ll make deeper connections, discover new interest, and equip yourself to reach your goals.


  1. Eases tension-induced pain;
  2. Increase energy levels to augment the immune system;
  3. More fluid physical movement.

  • None of this is easy. That's why homeopathic approach comes in. 


After more than 25 years of practice, Martin has gained a lot of experience, especially in complicated cases, to give new hope and develop methods to restore well-being. His therapeutic focus is the homeopathic enhancement of life quality by enabling the inner healing power of the body and mind leading to a natural recovery and long-standing prevention of re-occurrence. In his treatment Martin aims at the root cause of any discomfort, and therefore, includes an analysis of your lifestyle, emotional state of mind and any physical issues.
Martin Mailaender

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Hong Kong


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